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New Location Alert!

We are excited to announce that we are continuing the renovations at our new location: 1400 County Road 12, New Hampton, Orange County, NY. We are now open for daycare, boarding, & grooming in the first half of the building, as the rest remains under construction.

The best place to follow updates is on our Facebook & Instagram (same posts will be on both pages), where you can find us as lakesidepetlounge on both platforms. Feel free to text the owner, at 718-795-8175 for updates, tours, and reservations (don't worry, I text clients all day :D )

Some perks of the new location are; the suite have tempered glass doors and solid walls for over stimulated dogs. The suites are large and designed to give over stimulated dogs a more comfortable stay. The smallest is 4 ft by 9 ft (at 45$ per night). Some are even 5, 6, or 8 ft by 9 ft! We will have private yards for those not socializing with others or for quick bathroom breaks. The group suites will be custom built, "open-concept" crates, so that pups can see their best friends who they hang around with during their stay. This area will not be complete until Summer 2024. There will be a larger indoor dog daycare arena constructed, however, this area may not be complete until the end of 2024. We have a space we are using temporarily for indoor daycare on bad weather days. We will fence in larger parts of the field for more running & hiking space in 2024.


The owner lives on the premises and the overnight caretaker's apartment is currently under construction, so that someone is sleeping directly above the dogs! We plan to have a man-made lake installed during Summer 2023. The property will also have a "member's only" dog park to enjoy the property on their own time (vaccinations & behavior checked). We will have a transportation service throughout various counties of NY, NJ, PA, and NYC. Transportation is $40 per hour (including traffic & wait time), plus estimated fuel & tolls. For example, to most of Manhattan would be 1.15 hr= 140 for one trip (if you decide to come visit!), or 280 for both pickup & dropoff. Brooklyn is usually about 350 for both pickup & dropoff.


More photos & information to come soon! Follow for updates-

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