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New Location Alert!

We are excited to announce that we are beginning the renovations at our new location in New Hampton, Orange County, NY. The projected opening date is in October 2023.

We are not yet sure if we will remain at our Monroe location, so please stay tuned for updates. The best place to follow updates is on our Facebook & Instagram (same posts will be on both pages), where you can find us as lakesidepetlounge on both platforms. Feel free to text the owner, at 718-795-8175 for updates (don't worry, we text clients all day :D )

The new location may eventually operate under a new name, but for now it will remain Lakeside Pet Lounge (we might have to install a lake if we want to keep the name LOL).

Some perks of the new location will include; tempered glass doors & private suites for over stimulated dogs (we can handle aggressive dogs as well). The suites are much larger than Monroe, the smallest bein 4 ft by 9 ft. Some are even 5, 6, or 8 ft by 9 ft! We will have private yards for those not socializing with others. The group suites are custom built, "open-concept" crates, so that pups can see their best friends who they hang around with during their stay. There will be indoor/covered dog daycare, however, construction of this area may not be complete until end of 2023. More photos & information to come soon!

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