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Lakeside Pet Lounge is a full service boarding & daycare facility with two locations. The first is located in Monroe, and the second is located in New Hampton, both in Orange County, NY. We also provide grooming, training and transportation services.

Our mission at Lakeside Pet Lounge is to give your dog a comfortable, relaxing stay, with designated hours of play time and socialization if they enjoy the company of other dogs. Our kennels in Monroe are standard chain-link style, but we plan to completely renovate this location by the end of 2024. The New Hampton location is a brand new, custom built kennel on 12 acres, where we also transport to/from NYC & other boroughs to "upstate's doggy camp!" Both facilities are disinfected twice daily, waters are refreshed at minimum twice daily, refilled throughout the day, and pet's are given a comfortable set of blankets and/or bed. Socialization is included, based on the dog's behavior and body language, and at the pet owner's discretion. We have private yards with doggy door access for non-social dogs and they are always given TLC or one on one time. Enrichment & one on one time is included in daycare & boarding. Whenever we have down time, you will find us snuggling, playing ball 1:1, training, or giving puzzles to our guests. We always provide individualized text updates to those that request them.

The amenities and perks of Lakeside Pet Lounge are unbeatable. The owner is a licensed veterinary technician (for 12+ years in ER) and she lives on-site in New Hampton. Her mother manages the Monroe location (after 2 years of training), where she lives on site, right above where the dogs sleep. She works with a few other employees, including current/retired veterinary technicians. We can hear everything from the kennel & office where the dog's are sleeping, in the event something sounds unusual we can check on them. The veterinarian on the property in Monroe recently retired and we are looking for a new one to take over. In the event of an emergency, medical attention & treatment is just a few minutes away. Both facilities have heat & A.C- keeping your pet cozy & cool all year round.


Please bare with us during some renovations at both locations and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Currently, the Monroe facility needs work, but our clients place value in the trained staff, our flexibility with hours, and the play-time exercise schedule for active dogs. The New Hampton location (upstates newest pet resort & camp) will be a constant project to enhance the property, creating a doggie oasis for pet's and their owner's to enjoy! We must use our best judgement if a dog is not a good fit for socialization, where they would still be rotated in the yard 5-6 times per day at minimum 30 minutes, or up to an hour (if they seem to be enjoying themselves and the weather is nice!) We always read the body language of the dog to make sure they are comfortable. For active, social, and friendly dogs, they are integrated with dog daycare and may be outside for a couple of hours if they are enjoying themselves and if the weather is nice. They rest in their kennels/crates for breakfast, dinner, a lunch time nap, and bedtime. Most full day daycare/boarders take a nap from 12-2, unless they were a late arrival. Some dogs appreciate more naps, but if they are more active they may require less nap time, we just observe them to see how they are feeling.

Both locations are still undergoing construction with a lot of big plans to come for the future!

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*Drop offs & pick ups are available outside of business hours by appointment!*



1] 573 NY-17M, Monroe, NY 10950

Behind Village Lakes Veterinary Hospital

2] 1400 County Road 12 New Hampton, NY 10958
Call/ 845-324-7088

Text/ 718-795-8175

*Text preferred, but we can arrange a time for a phone call*


Main Kennel: Most large dogs are kept in a standard or extra large kennel. We also have a "quiet area" with less stimulation for those that need it.

new hampton suites.jpg
new hampton yard.jpg

Office & Small Dog Boarding: Most small dogs are kept in a traditional house crate (in Monroe) or plexiglass crate (in New Hampton), unless they are sleeping with a big dog family member in the kennel. We also have additional crates in another room away from the dog daycare if the pet is anxious and needs a quiet room (this is only available in Monroe). Unfortunately, if we see signs of small dog aggression, toy protection, or bed protection then the pet would not be able to be loose the whole day.


Office: We typically have small dog daycare mixed with boarders in the office, but sometimes big dog daycare will come in for a communal nap session if they get tired of being outside. We gate the small dogs away from the big dogs.

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