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Boarding & Daycare


I know how hard it is to leave your dog alone, sometimes even just for a couple of hours. I hope that knowing your pets are in good hands can at least give some peace of mind while you are busy, at work, or away on vacation. At Lakeside Pet Lounge, all pets are treated as if it is their vacation too. We will assess their behavior to see if they are in the mood to play or just cuddle with a staff member in the office. The kennels act as a relaxing, safe-haven, while the yard is for exercise and play. At your discretion, boarding pets are included in daycare festivities at no additional charge! 

RATES (+tax)

Standard Size Kennel or Crate: $ 40 per night. Best for small & medium breeds or 2+ dogs.

1 additional small dog (same kennel): $ 25 per additional small dog; $ 30 per additional large dog


Double XL Size Kennel: $ 40 per night. Best for large & giant breeds (~75 lbs + depending on activity level.)

1 additional dog (same kennel): $30 per additional large dog, $25 per additional small dog. We do have a few in/out kennels with dog doors with large private yards. They are limited, they are the same price, and they are reserved first come first serve basis.

Cat Boarding $ 30 per night for 1 cat, 20$ for each additional cat. We have a private room for cat boarding, or a cat can stay in the apartment with the owner. We can also offer an in-house daily stop in for your cat for the same price depending on your location. *May-September Cat Boarding is 40$ per night, as well as major school holidays in Orange County- Christmas Break, Mid-Winter Recess, and Spring Break*

Special Needs/Aggression Fee: $5 per night

Half-Day (Late check-out after 11 A.M): $15

Late Check-out (after 5 P.M): $25

*The late checkout fee is applied despite check in time* We are not on a 24 hour reservation system. Like many hotels and lodging options, there is a preferred checkout time to get the facility ready for new guests. There are many reasons we apply the late checkout fees. Most facilities will charge each day that they are in the facility, or do not provide Saturday/Sunday check ins/outs. We encourage checkout by 11 AM so that we can thoroughly disinfect the facility (which is done twice daily regardless), but it is easier on the staff when less dogs are in the facility to watch and care for. We are a high volume daycare facility and prefer to have as many boarders out as possible so that we have room for dog daycare dogs that eat lunch, or older dogs that need a rest period. Both for general liability and contagious illnesses, we try to keep dog groups the same and resist from adding new dogs to a group frequently. We are also extremely accommodating and flexible with our drop off and pick up windows/days. We offer early/late check in 7 days a week, even on major holidays, and can even accommodate before/after business hours. The fees go towards our staffing needs and efforts that allow us to be so flexible for our clients. Although it may not apply to your single stay, it may be a service you will take advantage of in the future! Thank you for understanding!

The full number of nights reserved must be paid for in full. Please give 2 weeks notice for any changes in reservation dates to avoid the charge for additional nights, so that we can open the space for another pet. A 50% deposit is required to secure the spot, at minimum 2 weeks prior to the boarding stay* There is a 2 night minimum on holidays, weekends following a holiday, and summer weekends (Memorial Day to Labor Day), unless the booking is last minute and we happen to have a cancelation or have the availability. Please understand that we are seasonal and rely on fully booking during these times to get through the slower months.

Special Feeding (cooked food) or Complex Medicating/Insulin Injections: $5 per day, per dog.

Standard & XL kennel boarding rate includes "house food"- Rachel Ray's Nutrish Beef Formula. Bring your own food with instructions for no additional cost. The standard fee includes medications that are taken easily with food. If any medications are complex to prepare/administer, including insulin injections, the medicating fee will apply. We have blankets, beds, and bowls, please do not bring many items with your pet unless you are willing to donate it if it gets lost or soiled. Please make sure your dog has a traditional style collar on (no choke chain/prong collars). Harnesses are allowed if you feel that they will be comfortable keeping them on the whole time, if not, please switch to a regular collar. We recommend removing Seresto collars during their stay, because they can easily fall off during play time.

Required Vaccinations- Please email or text proof of vaccinations

Dogs- Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

Cats- Rabies


Doggy daycare is a great option for those that want a dog to be a part of their family but may not have the time to give them the exercise that they need. Socialization with other dogs and people promotes overall happiness, reduces anxiety, and gives your pet a wonderful demeanor for years to come. Play groups will always be arranged based upon size, breed, age, activity level, and apparent body language that is shown the day that they enter the facility. The yard is securely fenced in and gives ample space for pets to run.

Daycare drop off & pick up scheduled by appointment. The owner lives on-site so we will be sure to accommodate your needs.

RATES (+tax)

Weekday Daycare (flexible drop off & pick up time!): $25 per day (multi-pet discounts available!)

No additional fees for early drop off/late pick up!

Weekday Half Days < 4 hours: $15 per dog

Weekend & Holiday Daycare: $35 per day; must pre-pay (non-refundable). Call or email and we can send the invoice! Weekend daycare is not always as busy, but we always have friendly boarders in and sometimes other daycare dogs as well. We have per diem staff that will come in just to play with your dog on the weekend! Great for people visiting the area with their pet. Visiting Legoland, Woodbury Commons, or going skiing? We have got you covered!

Weekend Half Days < 4 hours: $20 per dog

Please make sure your dog has a traditional collar on (no choke chain/prong collars). Harnesses are allowed if you feel that they will be comfortable keeping them on the whole day, if not, please switch to a regular collar.

Required Vaccinations- Please email or text proof of vaccinations

Dogs- Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

*We can administer Bordetella vaccine only on-site, or even in your home*

The fee for Bordetella is $20, it must be administered 2 weeks prior to boarding or daycare.

House visit fee will be determined upon mileage.


Basic grooming (Includes bath, dry, ears, & nails) is available at your request. Just request in addition to your pet's boarding or daycare stay. You may even just schedule the grooming itself.


Rates for Basic Grooming (Includes bath & ears):

Small- <10 lbs-$25  Medium 10-25 lbs-$30 

Large 25-50 lbs-$40 Extra Large 50+ lbs-$50

Anal Gland Expression (by Licensed Veterinary Technician)- $10

Eye Fur & Genital Fur Trim- $10 each

Nail Trim Only- $10 *Subject to availability of staff & behavior of dog*

*These prices are only in addition to pet's daycare/boarding stay. Price is x2 if just a "walk-in" nail trim or anal gland expression.

Professional grooming: clipping & scissoring CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. We are seeking/hiring a full-time groomer and will make an announcement on social media when we have one. 


Please call if you are in need of any other pet services. We can provide house visits (cat or dog), dog walks, transportation, help with pets at weddings or events, and so much more!



7am-9pm 7 days per week!

*Drop offs & pick ups are available outside of business hours by appointment!*



573 NY-17M, Monroe, NY 10950

Behind Village Lakes Veterinary Hospital
845-324-7088- Call

718-795-8175- Text

*Text is preferred, however, we can arrange a time for a call*




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